PHP API Reference

This section describes the PHP classes that can be used to construct and display a WysiwygPro editor.

wysiwygPro (wysiwygPro.class.php)
This class is used to create and display an editor.

This class is used with the addDirectory method of the wysiwygPro class. It is used to add additional directories to the side bar on the file managers.

wproAjax (wproAjax.class.php)
This class can be used to create and display editors using AJAX. The class allows you to access wysiwygPro methods and properties through JavaScript, the script uses AJAX to call the wysiwygPro class.

wproUtilities (wproUtilities.class.php)
This class contains useful functions for post-processing HTML generated by the editor.

This global variable is available from within dialog plugins and contains properties and methods for configuring the dialog.