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The Wysiwyg Pro Plugin for WordPress installs easily in a matter of minutes. Once installed, you will be able to enjoy the ease of use and power of WordPress combined with WysiwygPro, the most reliable HTML editor available!

What does the WysiwygPro WordPress Plugin do?

The WysiwygPro plugin replaces the default editor in WordPress. WysiwygPro is backward compatible with your existing web content. You will immediately notice the difference when creating tables, formatting text, and integrating hyperlinks. Uploading files and images is also enhanced by WysiwygPro's file management tool that manages images, documents, Flash content, QuickTime, Windows Media, and other content.


Please see the features page or take a look at the demo page to see how much better WysiwygPro is than the default editor! With WysiwygPro you can:

  • Have more control over formatting options
  • Upload and manage images on your server and easily insert them into your posts
  • Upload and manage documents such as Word or PDF files and easily link to them from your posts
  • Upload and manage media files such as QuickTime or Flash and insert them into your posts

WysiwygPro is highly configurable, the options page allows you to:

  • Configure the HTML format generated by the editor
  • Specify where images and documents should be stored
  • Specify custom styles, fonts and font-sizes to appear on the WysiwygPro menus
  • Specify snippets of HTML code that you can insert into your posts with the click of a button.
  • Create custom toolbar layouts
  • Disable/enable editor features

Other features:

  • The optional user folders feature can be enabled to give each user their own folder for storing their image, document and media files.


  • A working WordPress 3.4 install (or higher).
WordPress MU is not currently supported.



 Now compatible with WordPress 3.4


WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform which may be used to publish a blog or used as a Content Management System for managing a website.


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